BC’s Gold Rush History – The Cariboo Wagon Trail

The Cariboo Road - The Cariboo Road From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Cariboo Road (also called the Cariboo Wagon Road, the Great North Road or the Queen’s Highway) was a project initiated in Continue ReadingThe Cariboo Road
The Old Cariboo Road - The “Old” Cariboo Road The name Cariboo Road or Cariboo Trail is also informally applied to a toll road built by contractor Gustavus Blin-Wright in 1861–1862 from Lillooet to Williams Continue ReadingThe Old Cariboo Road
The Beginning - The Cariboo Gold Rush Stories of where the first British Columbia gold came from vary; some claim gold dust was traded from the First Nations peoples as early as 1852, Continue ReadingThe Beginning
The Journey - The Cariboo Gold Rush People came from all over the world. Some traveled from Scotland, England, Germany and even from China. Most came north from San Francisco after the California Continue ReadingThe Journey
The Conditions - The Cariboo Gold Rush “It was certainly not cheap to outfit yourself as a miner. To live out in the wild woods of the Cariboo, you had to be prepared Continue ReadingThe Conditions